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About the Company

Two Cats Can Ltd was incorporated as a private company limited by shares at Cardiff on 17th February 1998.
The Company No is: 3511628.
Copies of the Certificate of Incorporation are available on request: please email

Two Cats Can Ltd is VAT registered. VAT Registration No is 706 0453 65.

Two Cats Can Ltd has an annual video production cover policy (including Public Liability Insurance for £2,000,000) with Allan, Chapman & James Insurance Brokers

Two Cats Can Ltd is a member of the Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce and can be found in the Milton Keynes Directory, under "Television: Film & Video Production Services" and "Corporate Training".

Two Cats Can Ltd is a signatory to the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd) Code of Conduct.

Why the name?

It's been said that trying to manage creative people is like trying to herd cats. Cats are well known for being independent thinkers, who can afford to look at life differently (after all they do have nine lives!).

But the other side of the cat is the calming influence they can exert in their relationships with humans.

So we felt "Two Cats" summed up both ourselves, and our approach to production.

And the "Can" is our ability to offer you individual creative solutions, to your audio-visual requirements, well managed and hassle free.

Awards and Nominations

  • "POPI" (PricewaterhouseCoopers) - "Learning on Screen" Multimedia Awards Winner, 2001

Equipment in house:

  • Sony PD150 Broadcast DV Camera (with XLR sound inputs, wide angle lens and tripod)
  • X-Cam 2 mini wireless controlled camera
  • Dedo KA1B lighting kit
  • Sennheiser EW112P Evolution 100 radio mic kit
  • Mini disc player / recorder with basic microphone
  • Portable blue & green CSO screens
  • Portable combined TV / Video VHS player/recorder

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