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Two Cats Can Ltd are Tony Coe (BA Hons Drama/English) and Mags Noble (BA Hons American Studies), two creative, independent thinkers, ex-BBC producer/directors with over 40 years experience between them, working in TV, radio, video, audio, film, multimedia and online. In 1998 they went independent and set up Two Cats Can Ltd to capitalise on their experience and explore new areas of production.

Both Tony and Mags produce and direct, but Two Cats Can offers the opportunity of blending their distinctive strengths - Tony's creativity in devising and writing, and Mags' production management skills in budgeting, scheduling and delivery.

It's this powerful mix of creativity and control that makes their work so effective across such a range of projects.

They have worked in education, training and entertainment on projects ranging from small scale charity based productions to big budget extended series.

Their specialities are:

  • Drama, both improvised and scripted, for broadcast, video and CDrom. They have worked with Simon Callow, Helena Bonham-Carter, Fiona Shaw, Jonathan Price, Lindsay Duncan, Daniel Craig, Dougray Scott, Andy Serkis, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Stephen Rea, Celia Imrie and many more.

They can:

  • write, produce, direct, project-manage, offer consultancy, make documentaries, devise dramas and produce plays;
  • advise on the best approach for each individual project and offer creative, well-managed solutions, within agreed timescales and budgets;
  • offer experience of shooting at home and abroad, and have many contacts within the industry to call on - across production, crews and craft disciplines, in the UK, in Europe, in India and in the USA.

Whether it's TV, video, radio, audio, CDrom or online, Tony and Mags will work closely with you to offer the overall production package that best suits your needs. With Two Cats Can you get experience, you get creativity and you get commitment.

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