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READING CLASSICAL GREEK (A296) - 1997 onwards

Mags produced and directed an AUDIO CASSETTE of Classical Greek language instruction to accompany the JACT Series "Reading Greek"; scripted and presented by Stan Ireland of Warwick University.
The audio cassette for this Open University course is currently (May 2002) being converted into two audio CDs, enabling the production of extra tutorial material and the addition of readings in ancient Greek, from texts such as Aristophanes' Clouds and Wasps, Plato, Euripides' Medea and Homer's Odyssey.

Production of two audio CDs to accompany this new Open University course. The CDs contain a selection of readings in ancient Greek, including extracts from Plato's Symposium, The New Testament, Theaetetus, Plutarch Life of Antony, Aeschylus' Persians, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Euripides' Alcestis and Sophocles' Antigone; together with four lectures on related subjects to the study of the Greek language:

Stephen Colvin (Dept of Classics, Yale University) on "Diversity & Development - The Varieties of Greek"
Paddy Considine (formerly Lecturer in Comparative Philology at University College, London) on "The History of the Greek Language"
Robin Osborne (Professor of Ancient History, University of Cambridge) on "The Institution of the Symposium in the Ancient Greek World"
Tania Gergel (Lecturer, Dept of Classics, Kings College, London) on "Plato's Symposium".

THE ROMAN FAMILY (A428) - 1998 onwards

Mags produced and directed two AUDIO CASSETTES for this series. The first examined potential sources of information about the Roman family and the second offered expert interviews on the Roman family in a wider social context.

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