BBC / Open University Programmes


Including the 6 x 30 min. BBC2 prime time series

  • TV1 A Kind of Magic (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
  • TV2 War! (Henry V)
  • TV3 Girls who are Boys (As You Like It)
  • TV4 A Family Affair (King Lear, the Declaration scene)
  • TV5 Stormy Weather (King Lear, the Storm scene)
  • TV6 Like A Virgin (Measure for Measure)

What is Shakespeare about today? What are the connections we can make to performing and watching plays over 400 years old? How do you go about making the meanings of a Tudor language available to audience... and to actors. Working with classical actor Fiona Shaw, the programmes explored how you reset Shakespeare for contemporary audiences - in rehearsal and performance on stage and on film. Tony series produced and directed 4 of the 6 programmes in this series that got extensive previews and good reviews, including the1997 RTS Education Award Finalist - Like A Virgin about Measure for Measure.

Tony also set up and helped direct and shoot one of Sir John Gielgud's last interviews with Sir Richard Attenborough. He also travelled to New York to co-direct and co-shoot RSC workshop material at a Brooklyn school in New York on Hamlet, along with three specially shot sequences from The Tempest shot on the roofs of New York and finally, in the Arizona desert, scenes depicting a native American Macbeth.

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