Managing Behaviour in Schools
The Open University/University of Waikato, New Zealand
5 x CD Rom video assets (40-60 mins) and 4 x Audio CDs (60 mins) presenting different views on and methods of behaviour management in 3 UK schools/special units and 2 NZ schools.
  • Cottenham Village College's Learning Support Unit is integrated into the mainstream secondary school and offers children with behavioural problems (from all over Cambridgeshire) an alternative environment and programmes for learning that include Maths, English and Music.

  • Fairfield College in Hamilton, NZ has special programmes which address the needs of students who feel culturally excluded as well as supporting those who have ADHD or other special needs.

  • Clover Park in South Auckland, NZ is an educational phenomenon. It is organised and run on the traditional Maori principles of family and an emphasis on culture not as art or entertainment but as a defining characteristic of identity.

  • The Beaver Project in Ashford in Kent is a Pupil Referral Unit helping students with learning issues manage their education and as far as possible reintegrate students into mainstream schooling.

  • The Amber Centre, Huntingdon offers opportunities for learning and work experience to students who will never return to mainstream schooling.
Includes UK interviews with Eileen Murphy (Solution Focused Therapy), Bob Sproson (Secondary Support & Inclusion Services, Cambridgeshire), Gill Dixon (Warwickshire Learning and Behaviour Support Service) and Alan McLean (Area Principal Psychologist in the North East of Glasgow) together with a case study of Neale Wade Community College in Cambridgeshire (including a one-to-one anger management session with John Turner and accompanying interviews)

New Zealand interviews with Rangiwhakaehu Walker & Stuart McDonald offering a Mäori perspective on managing behaviour in schools.

Each school was shot in just two days, with a crew and an informal second unit (us and a camera!). Each set of sequences includes set piece interviews with teachers, pupils, parents and carers intercut with examples of classroom and other activities.


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