The Technology of Music
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Music Printing
When you pick up a score or song book, have you ever considered the process of reproducing the original, hand written piece into multiple, printed copies?
A series of DVD sequences follow the history and technological development of music printing from type setting through engraving and photo-lithography to Sibelius, a computerised composition and music printing software package.

Brass Instruments: Technology & Music
How does a brass instrument work? What technology is involved in the manufacture of brass instruments and how come not all brass instruments are made of brass? What social and musical issues have effected the technological innovations of brass instruments? 
A series of DVD sequences which explore these questions, using footage recorded at Boosey & Hawkes Musical Instruments Ltd; The Collection of Historical Musical Instruments and The Department of Physics & Astronomy at Edinburgh University, together with musical illustrations played by Sandy McGrattan.
Also includes a sequence shot and directed by Tony following a five day
trumpet making workshop in Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Music In Code
What technologies have been used to create mechanical music since the 14th Century?
Filmed at the Nickelodeon Collection, Warwickshire, these DVD sequences explore the variety of mechanical instruments that were produced using mainly the pin barrel and paper roll technologies. Due to the sad death of the collectionÕs founder, Graham Whitehead, we had just one day to shoot the instruments before the collection was dispersed. The sequences also include several split screen performances by the cream of the collection, including the amazing Banjo Orchestrion.

Midi in Action
How does a working composer use modern (midi) technology to write music for film and television?
In a series of DVD sequences, Simon Whiteside explains how he set up his studio using midi technology and how he used the various pieces of equipment to compose music sequences for the television series 'Leonardo'. SimonÕs interview is intercut with informal hand held footage of him at work in his studio and footage of the sequences being composed for.


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